Why pay for TV?

So someone is blind. Likes to watch The View on ABC but on Hulu they only have the current week.

Well a couple weeks ago I picked up a 55″ flat panel TV – LED based too. Nice. It was less than $250. Can’t beat that even if a year or three from now I’ll have to rebuild its power supply. Something I am more than capable of doing.

But I hooked up and HDMI cable to it and streamed off the laptop. Why the hell not. But he gets fed up with Hulu just pausing itself after it detects no mouse movement etc. So I bought a cheap outdoor antenna with rotor. Hooked it up and scanned channels inside the house – it found 40 DTV channels. Put it outside and it found 66 channels. That’s comparable to basic cable TV. I suppose once I elevate the antenna and we rotate it we might get more channels but what it’s found just pointed south isn’t bad. Gets the Atlanta based ABC, NBC and PBS even Fox for a non existent deity sake. channels for example.

I just just object to paying for stale content on cable TV. No. I won’t do it. Not when I can get free content over the air for nothing except the power to run the tv and antenna rotor.

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