The Fireplace at the new place

I do so love that the place we’re renting has a fireplace. I’ve started a whole bunch of fires with nothing but paper towel, cardboard, etc. But we found these little fire-starters at Kroger and for a little under a dollar each they are awesome. They’ll light up fire no problem.

Now back a month or so ago we ordered 1/4 chord of wood. We’ve used about 1/3 of that so far. Like on Christmas day I built a four log fire – four big hefty pieces of wood. It burned for about six hours. What I do love though is after everything is burnt all the material that falls to the floor and some of the logs get that orange glow that throws more heat then the actual fire.

So when we buy a place one of the additional requirements is a working fireplace.

I even burn cardboard boxes in there. They burn bright and fast. And the ones with print on them change the flame color to pretty shades too. It solves the biggest problem I have with Amazon. All the damned boxes.

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