Watched: The Panama Papers

So on Hulu one of my recommended videos was regarding the Panama Papers. This happened back in 2016 but it’s still going on today.

A couple things hit me, the banks are at the center of it all. Banks have only existed to rape the consumer for the last few decades. They’ve bought the best government money can buy.

But I keep hearing the phrase that 1% of the people hold more wealth then 99% of us. I think you might see where I’m going with this. It’s why the world has been blowing up the least few years because quite frankly people are pissed off. I guess it’s one thing to not know who is fucking you, but to find out who is is sort of a version of cognitive dissonance that isn’t pretty.

I mean in the video there was one reporter who mentioned how many of her friends were implicated. Because that’s the job of a journalist.

And how the information became public is delicious. Someone internal to the law firm in Panama just acted as whistle blower. I don’t think we should call them that anymore a more appropriate name would be hero. They do us all an immense and important service.

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