A new podcast I love

It’s on Spotify – it’s called Behind the Bastards – the first episode gives the juicy and salacious details about Hitler and his flatulence.

I cannot believe they gave that guy the reigns. It just boggles the mind. But then when you think about it history is replete with assholes who got into the big chair. Just look at the current resident of White House.

And the episode on Stalin dear non existent deity – that is a true horror.

Except I don’t call them bastards, but I call them assholes. And I cannot abide assholes. And I don’t mean the anatomical part but the attitudes and actions of those who I classify as assholes.

One thought on “A new podcast I love

  1. I’ve been listening to this podcast for some time. Sometimes I can’t bear it listening to the dastardly deeds but most of the time it is jolly good fun hearing.

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