Pondering Cars

So two things I’ve always heard about U.S. Make cars. First is that the power steering is always top notch and that the HVAC is spot on and relatively quiet.

Such is true with my Chevy – the power steering is no longer hydraulic but electric instead and can literally be steered with one finger. And the HVAC set to mid range blower is damned quiet.

I sort of dig this car, well crossover if we’re being picky about it. But what I really wish for is for GM and Ford and even FCA to bring back the stamping and full chassis only this time with big ass battery packs and electric motors driving them. Imagine if you outfitted those boats with more modern technology – more reliable power options etc. I would bet they’d sell like hotcakes.

I mean come on imagine something like this updated for the 21st century only keep the body pristine:

And I actually saw one of these beauties on the roadways here in GA, it was on I-20 in fact.

Come on, like i said tighten up the suspension and steering and make it electric. Dear non-existent deity I would love one.

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