One facet of the problem with healthcare

First let me state flat out I support Medicare for all. It makes complete sense to me. There is the fact that overhead costs for private insurers is about 20% for Medicare it’s 3-4%. You see right there the primary reason of mine.

But this article talks about how we’d need 50,000 more M.D.’s by 2040-2050. That ain’t gonna happen. It talks about Nurse Practitioners.

I’ve been treated by a few in the northeast and southeast. Here’s my experience. I had a little intestinal bug. I went to see the NP and she thought it was Hepatitis A. But in that little period where you sit an wait she came out and said to me “It can’t be Hep-A – the incubation period is too short.” Since Hep-A takes about a month or more to present symptoms upon reviewing what I said she realized it couldn’t be Hep-A. But the thing that surprised me when I got the after visit paperwork guess what diagnosis was on them, Hep-A. I mean I appreciate she told me about the wrong diagnosis. But that’s forever committed in the EMR system.

Now down here I got to see a D.O. as my primary care. She’s one that I like but quick to do referrals. That’s also good.

But I see little difference between an M.D./D.O. and an NP.

Politicians need to get their heads out of their posterior areas and stop accepting money from insurance companies and billing companies. Those are the main opposition to Medicare for All by the way.

One thought on “One facet of the problem with healthcare

  1. My clinical experience (from the inside) is Nurse Practitioners love to boost they are ‘just as good’ as physicians but when there is a problem patient they are quick to defer to the doctor “oh I am just the nurse’. I dislike this double standard.

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