China is coming apart

Go watch this video. It’s 55 minutes you can skip to the segment around 20 minutes in. They’re talking about the Uighur and how China is cracking down on them.

Plus you have Hong Kong in its eight month of tumult. And even in Tibet they’re getting very angry.

Good. It took a long time for this to come about.

And other things -France and preserving some of the building a chateaus. Now the program said 21 Million Euros among 103 sites. That works out to about 200000 euros per project. Not enough but every little bit helps. Hell if I had money I’d buy one of them and rehabilitate it. We cannot forget our history because if you don’t know the history how can you reliably know the present.

3 thoughts on “China is coming apart

  1. While the Chinese government is one of the most oppressive and nastiest out there, its failure would have world wide repercussions that could potentially make the Great Depression look like a Sunday afternoon picnic. We may not like it, but China is THE manufacturing center of the world now, and the buyer of so much of our agricultural products and raw materials that if it falls into turmoil probably half of the businesses world wide, including a lot of multinationals, would fail overnight.

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