On bedding

More specifically mattresses. Now if you go through Casper, or online some of the prices are astronomical. $1,000, $2,000 etc. Me I figure it this way why is a mattress several thousand dollars? I think P.T. Barnum had the answer.

I found a queen sized Gel mattress for $244. Yeah and this is one hotels use. Very interesting.

You see we’d been sleeping on an air mattress but they tend to leak. Or explosively let the air out. So I finally tired of that and said “We need a real mattress. It came in today and I let it fully fluff out. Very comfortable. And bed with frame about $340. Not too shabby when you consider a furniture store quoted $700 for the frame, $1,700 for the mattress. Or $2,400 total. So spending just 14% of what the furniture place quoted I got the setup. And I can easily upgrade the frame when the spirit moves me.

And where did I get this? I hate to admit, walmart.com seriously.

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