The Fun This Morning.

There’s this young man we’ve been giving a little bit of money to in order to haul our garbage up to the dumpster.

Yesterday just after I got home I parked the car and came in the house. Didn’t see the car again until 6AM this morning. Or failed to see it. It wasn’t in the spot I’d parked it in.

I was perplexed. Then I realized spouses key fob for the car and house keys were missing. They had been hung on a lanyard on the bedroom door.

So I made two calls, actually many to get the right police department. Anyway got the report filed with the DeKalb County Police and then called OnStar. You know, I didn’t subscribe to their service but I realized every month they send me a vehicle status report via email. And I know the car has it’s gps and secret cell service. So That’s why I called OnStar, gave them the report number and guess what, 30 minutes later they found the car. Oh glory be.

Pro tip – if you’re going to steal a modern car learn how to disable the tracking

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