The reason for my calm

Because I’m being more logical. It’s because I know about many things including cars, electronics, computers, even networks, databases, and science and math and combinations thereof.

So I was in fact a little crestfallen when I went out there this morning but the frontal lobe kicked in and I thought, find the right police agency. You see it’s not like the north down here in Georgia. Where you live determines what department serves you. So know I know, DeKalb County Police. But that brings the question why do we also have a Sheriffs department?

Anyhow then I realized every month I get emailed a report from OnStar about the condition of my car. So I reasoned I bet they can track it. Sure as shit they could.

It’s why I didn’t panic. But now I know two things, the first is which police agency serves our address. And second OnStar even if you reject their service can STILL track the shit out of your car. Interesting.


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