When it comes to mattresses

So recently I had been pricing out mattresses and bed frames. First we went to furniture stores and I’ll be honest those stores are highway robbery. Come on $2,000 for a mattress? Really? and $700 for the frame? Total of $2,700.

I was looking for a queen size. Well stumbled on a Gel Foam mattress on of all places WalMart’s web site. For a queen it was $244. As you can see it cost only 12% of the cost at the furniture stores for the same type of mattress. It’s a Lucid mattress.

The bed frame was $89. It does the job and later on we can go for a platform but I’m a frugal sort and don’t believe in paying a fortune for stuff.

So grand totalĀ  $333 – so if we compare the totals it comes out to roughly 12.3% the cost as opposed to going through a furniture retailer. Ut si.

Now the bed frame – it does require assembly. I think I glanced at the instruction sheet and said “Shit I can identify the parts pretty easily. And sure enough there are three rails, two have lat holders on only one side, while the central rail has them on both sides. Easy. Took about 20-30 minutes to assemble with the included hex key and wrench.

I will warn you though – WalMart ships via Fedex ground. And they take their sweet mother fucking time. The mattress came after two weeks, the frame a week later.

When it comes time to put another bed in the other bedroom I’ll likely go this route again.

And the bed – super comfy. I like the memory foam. You see, for a better part of my life I’d slept on waterbeds but now of course I don’t want the hassle when we move of having to drain it, roll out all the water etc. But this mattress conforms to my body. Only key difference is that it isn’t heated. But no biggie there. I’m not in the frozen north of the U.S. anymore.

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