A better way

So when my car was stolen I purchased two new remotes for the car. Just haven’t had the opportunity to spend 40 minutes programming them.

I had been removing the negative battery terminal but that was sub-optimal because lead and because it’s a pain. So I went and looked in my owners manual for the car and found the starter relay. Take that relay out and the car will still unlock , arm the alarm etc. But it WILL NOT start without that relay. I have to figure out how to jumper around it instead of removing it. I think I can come up with a jig that will let me cut the power and run it to a switch under the dashboard. But just popping the relay out is sufficient. And GM even marks the relay contacts so I know which one I’d have to break in order for the car not to start.

I gotta get a DMM and check the resistance of the coil on the relay. I could just toggle a resistor and a diode across so the computer won’t freak out.

The upshot, the cretin who stole the key fob can get into the car. The cretin just can’t start the car. Ha ha ha ha ha.

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