Month: March 2020

Night on Earth

It’s on Netflix. Excellent series. They go all over the world and show the creatures that inhabit the night.

Watch a Polar Bear nail a seal is quite the bloody spectacle. But it brought this though that there are so many different living beings on this planet and I wonder how many living beings there might be on moons that orbit other planets in this solar system and maybe on some of the planets we’ve detected out some light years from Earth. I’m pretty certain that life does exist on planets outside our solar system.

25% of food delivery drivers sample your food.

Now here’s the article on NPR They keep using the ratio 1:4 which of course I know is 25%. Doesn’t surprise me in the least.

For example I’ve posted before how the Japanese food – we ordered it for pickup. And coming back I could smell it and it smelled delicious. So I can understand how someone might be a little hungry and the scent of the food alluring and well yeah.

And I note my least favorite delivery service DoorDash wouldnt comment on the story. Because I know for a fact their drivers just outright steal your food. There’s another article that says 30% of the time the delivery services steal your food.

It’s this whole gig economy the net has spawned that I seriously dislike. Just a couple years ago the local restaurants hired drivers, now they’ve just added an additional layer of sycophant to the mix.

It’s why if a restaurant uses DoorDash I’ll just go pick it up. Easier than waiting up to three hours for your food to be delivered.

More on the cameras

I’m so happy I finally installed the Victure PC650 cameras. The point of a camera is not to look inward, oh no. Cameras should always look outward.

But there is this boy goes by the name Dante he’s about 14 years old. – we’d been paying him to haul our trash to the dumpster. But that stream of money got shut off once my car was stolen. Sorry no more help, no more money.


But the camera in front caught him coming down the stairs, the one in back showed him going around the back. But more importantly it caught the direction he was coming from on the sidewalks or walkways. he came from the right so he must live in the building next door.

Who knew the value of the cameras.

Here’s his video:

Victure PC650 Camera Settings

I’ve discovered how to tune the sensitivity of the motion camera. In the IP360 app you go into the camera setting by clicking the little gear over on the right hand side, then click on Alert then click on AlarmTime and Sensibility (Yeah a little Chinglish thing there. ) Now about midway on the app page you’ll see a slider from 0 to 5 and it’s labeled Motion Detection Sensitivity. I slid it from 5 to 3 on the front and rear cameras.


And it’s funny the ports they use 23456 and 34567.



Mixed Bag today

Well today is interesting. Yesterday I hooked up the two IP based cameras. Finally. I’ve had em’ for a few months but was having trouble. I finally figured it out and now they’re up One watches the front steps the other the back deck. Try it now you fucking miscreants.

One flaw if I can call it that the motion detection on these cameras is sensitive as all hell. I kept getting alerts for the one watch the front steps. Finally I figure out what it is, the camera is picking up my neighbors and squirrels and even leaves blowing around. I wonder if I can tune the detection threshold.

Now the other thing, weather. I see Monday the northeast is getting socked with more snow. ha ha ha ha ha. It’s one of the reasons we got the fuck out of there. But the flip side the south where I now reside it’ll be in mid 80’s F or between 26 and 29 C I love it when it’s warm like this. Only this is in early Spring. Almost time to flip the AC on.

Had to do it

I finally hooked up camera in the house. Of course they face OUTWARDS. On watches the car and steps leading to our place the other watches the deck out back. The cameras they’re Victure PC650’s. You can get them on Amazon for about $40. They’re nice. They have full audio, video one way of course and they can pan and tilt. And oh yeah the manual is a little thing. Power up the camera and then move the camera lens up and hold the reset button down for 2 seconds. There should be a flashing led that flashes slowly. If not do the process again.

And I have the alerting setup on motion. So if it moves it’ll notify me on my phone.  Now I gotta do an nmap scan and see what vulnerabilities and ports are open on the cameras. It’s running as I type.


Right again – gas prices

So the most recent $1.39 a gallon. I am fucking loving this. I could run the car to near empty and pay only just under $20 to fill it. Jesus Christ on a Stick!

Here’s to hoping the Russians and Saudi’s keep battling. I had read somewhere that gasoline could go to the point where they have to pay us to take it off their hands. That looks increasingly likely.

Next stop I bet 80 cents a gallon going to be next.

Another Podcast I love

I suppose I should stop calling them a podcast since I’m not listening to it on an Apple device. Instead on my Android phone and Spotify. It’s called “The Dark Side of” the first couple episodes deal with the foundation of Hollywood, the murder of William Desmond Taylor, Gypsy Rose, and a whole bunch of the back story we never learned about. It is fantastic.

And the foundation of Hollywood is fascinating. I didn’t know that they tried to make a utopia of it, and ultimate failing.