interesting results

So I stumbled upon and took the test.

== Results from ==
90% Voyeur
60% Exhibitionist
59% Switch
55% Vanilla
50% Experimentalist
47% Primal (Hunter)
42% Daddy/Mommy
41% Non-monogamist
41% Primal (Prey)
39% Submissive
39% Dominant
29% Brat tamer
29% Brat
10% Rigger
7% Master/Mistress
7% Slave
4% Pet
4% Boy/Girl
1% Owner
0% Rope bunny
0% Ageplayer
0% Degradee
0% Masochist
0% Degrader
0% Sadist

the voyeur and exhibitionist thing is something of a surprise to me. And the other thing daddy and brat. Those two relate to my roguish character the one i learned by being owned by felids aka cats.

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