The Horror

This whole coronavirus thing. It’s getting ridiculous. Why just a visit to a Bj’s club showed they had no more toilet paper, no more water, the freezer cases and many shelves empty. No alcohol wipes, hand sanitizers. Nothing.

Now reading around the web I see people are hoarding things like Toilet Paper – I think congress should act quickly and that way when we find a hoarder trying to sell a roll for $20 we can execute them on the spot. Scumbags, that’s what those people are.

2 thoughts on “The Horror

  1. It’s the same way up here in Wisconsin. Had to get a prescription filled at Walmart and it was insane. Toilet paper, liquid hand soap, any cleaning product with the word “sanitizer” on the label, water, latex gloves… I don’t understand people. Masks don’t seem to do much anyway because most people don’t know how to wear them. And people are using even dust masks for drywalling, which pretty much don’t work at all, not even for dust.

    Interestingly, nitrile gloves were still in stock. Apparently people don’t know those work better than latex and are non-allergenic. And no one is buying bar soap? Apparently people think only liquid soap works for washing hands? Sheesh…

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