A New Site I’ve Stumbled Upon: A Litany of the Catholic Churches Misdeeds

Oh this is a good site. It details all the fun stuff about the Catholic church that I’ll bet they just want to keep quiet.

Details on the Borgia pope Alexander VI is familiar as I saw the series on I believe Netflix called Borgia – detailed about Cesare and the debauchery of the Pope, in fact I believe I’ve written about the Borgia pope before – and how in the series the Pope’s right hand man was in bed with a guy.

But the link above has much more. All the misdeeds of the Catholic Church laid out for all to peruse.

And I know two big laments the church has, first is the translation of the Bible into local vernacular, and the invention of the printing press. I just laugh. I mean come on they held onto those laments until the 1960’s. Thankfully John the 23rd knew the gig was up. Liberalized the church and then that mutt JP II fucked it all up. Oh well.


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