A great comparison on family leave between two countries

I’ve said before we spend far too much on the military-industrial complex in this country. Hell I even worked with one in my career.

But this article compares having a child in Sweden and the U.S. Here’s what I’ll say the Swedish system has a government that wants people to have children. To the point where they pay for each child, have universal healthcare, etc. The U.S. has the inverse. We do non paid 12 weeks, the Swedish system does 480 days paid. The article even mentions just maybe we could stop military misadventure and take a few percent to stimulate families in the U.S. Who could argue with that I mean really does a politician really want to get up in front of the public and say he doesn’t support families?

When you consider our nominal military budget is $690 Billion. Hell I’d take $90 Billion off that and do the system Sweden has here in the United States. BTW, the woman in Sweden is a U.S. expat.

4 thoughts on “A great comparison on family leave between two countries

  1. I think you’re absolutely right. The amount of money we spend on the military is just crazy. We’ve pumped billions of dollars into just the F-35 fighter project to produce a fighter jet that is fragile, hard to repair, doesn’t meet the original specifications, that they now can’t get spare parts for for some reason, requires days of maintenance work after every flight and basically doesn’t seem to be able to actually do the job it was designed for.

      1. I don’t understand this emphasis on manned fighters either. They really aren’t needed as actual fighter planes in the traditional sense as an anti-aircraft weapon. Surface to air missiles, computer controlled anti-aircraft guns, etc. seem to make the traditional fighter obsolete. They seem to be used more as a fast, light bomber and for infantry support than anything else, roles that this design is woefully bad at.

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