Mixed Bag today

Well today is interesting. Yesterday I hooked up the two IP based cameras. Finally. I’ve had em’ for a few months but was having trouble. I finally figured it out and now they’re up One watches the front steps the other the back deck. Try it now you fucking miscreants.

One flaw if I can call it that the motion detection on these cameras is sensitive as all hell. I kept getting alerts for the one watch the front steps. Finally I figure out what it is, the camera is picking up my neighbors and squirrels and even leaves blowing around. I wonder if I can tune the detection threshold.

Now the other thing, weather. I see Monday the northeast is getting socked with more snow. ha ha ha ha ha. It’s one of the reasons we got the fuck out of there. But the flip side the south where I now reside it’ll be in mid 80’s F or between 26 and 29 C I love it when it’s warm like this. Only this is in early Spring. Almost time to flip the AC on.

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