25% of food delivery drivers sample your food.

Now here’s the article on NPR They keep using the ratio 1:4 which of course I know is 25%. Doesn’t surprise me in the least.

For example I’ve posted before how the Japanese food – we ordered it for pickup. And coming back I could smell it and it smelled delicious. So I can understand how someone might be a little hungry and the scent of the food alluring and well yeah.

And I note my least favorite delivery service DoorDash wouldnt comment on the story. Because I know for a fact their drivers just outright steal your food. There’s another article that says 30% of the time the delivery services steal your food.

It’s this whole gig economy the net has spawned that I seriously dislike. Just a couple years ago the local restaurants hired drivers, now they’ve just added an additional layer of sycophant to the mix.

It’s why if a restaurant uses DoorDash I’ll just go pick it up. Easier than waiting up to three hours for your food to be delivered.

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