Month: April 2020

Reading: The Lord Won’t Mind (The Peter & Charlie Trilogy Book 1)

So as is my wont, always on the lookout to find reading material. Be it scientific, logic, math, even gay romance I love all. So on a certain Forum this book was mentioned. So I bought the Kindle version and I gotta say – I’m 838 out of 5K pages and I love it. Charlie is well hung of course.

I love it when gay romance continues. And I’m not happy unless I’m reading N+1 books at a time. The author is Gordon Merrick. The forum post mentioned it’s 50 years old. So it’d have been first published in 1970. Fun read so far.

Oil prices

It’s happened on Monday and Tuesday this week. The speculative price for June delivery went to  negative $37.63 a barrel. Yes -$37.63 a barrel.

There is now a glut of oil being produced. So much so they’re storing it on oil tankers and the like. It’s a perfect storm in oil right now because firstly the whole Russia vs. Saudi Arabia thing, then of course the COVID-19 thing that’s pushing down demand but supply keeps on.

As of right now a barrel of oil is at $14.29. Now I gassed up the car and paid $1.48 a gallon for gasoline. I think they’re choking up the refining to be honest. And I was reading on a site earlier about all those poor oil industry people. You  know an industry that’s done so much to harm our environment.

Another thing I read is they can’t just shut off pumping oil out of the ground. Which is true. So I think it’s going to get more interesting as time goes on and this COVID-19 thing is around. Can’t complain about it costing only $18 to completely fill my tank. Ha ha ha ha ha.

BridgeCom Giveaway

This time they’re doing a package with an AnyTone D578UVIII mobile rig and more:

  • AnyTone AT-D578UVIII PRO $399.99
  • Tri-Band Mobile Antenna $99.99
  • Dual-Band DVMEGA Hotspot $279.99
  • Plug and Play Programming $75.00
  • BridgeCom University Access $97.00
  • New Exclusive BridgeCom Hat (coming soon to store)  $30.00

If you hold a valid amateur radio license go here and enter.

Watching: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

So I’ve watched both seasons of the above mentioned show. It’s based on a character created by Douglas Adams one Dirk (Svlad) Gently.

It’s weird, whacky and fun. The writers took it and ran with it. And there’s a gay male couple in the 2nd season. Panto and Silas. That surprised me.

It’s on Hulu.



Gaming: A 500 Game portable


So as you can see I picked one of these up for short money. I love old school gaming. And this one delivers. It has the original Mario Brothers, Xevious, Dig Dug, Burger Time, Elevator Action among its 500 games.

Here’s me with the unit turned on and showing it off. I like it. Great fun in a handheld that is rechargeable with a standard USB cable.

Reading: Midnight in Chernobyl

The books title recounts the events of the explosion of unit 4 of the reactor complex. A lot of  the disaster was caused by an overzealous testing engineer and the fact that the Russian RBMK reactors used graphite which burns.

The book is by Adam Higginbotham. It’s subtitle is “The Untold Story of the World’s Greatest Nuclear Disaster.”

Indeed it was – when a huge reactor explodes it’s usually a huge conflagration. I”m only 117 pages into he book but a couple facts emerge. The designers of the RBMK reactor – they KNEW it could explode and suppressed it from being printed in the manuals for the reactor. That in my mind is criminal negligence.

And the other thing that emerges is the human propensity to downplay a disaster. It seems this is what I’d term a Charlie Foxtrot or Cluster Fuck from the design through implementation and operation. All of it.

I mean sure we’ve seen other nuclear disasters, Three Mile Island, Fukushima and so on. But to really make it one for the history books, it took the Russians and Ukrainians. I mean come on even the firefighters had no idea what they were doing or in fact dealing with when chunks of the reactor were strewn everywhere. I love books like this btw. It allows you to see the man behind he curtain so to speak.


Sign for Medicare for all

Because it’s time we end he foolishness that is private health coverage. Hell even the insurance industry itself knows the party is almost over. Put it this way the plan I have – it is an 80/20 plan. And caps after a certain amount of out of pocket expense. Haven’t yet reached that level yet. It’s ridiculous. You get bill after bill after bill even with insurance.

And when you consider the cost of doing business among private insurers is 20 to 25 percent. Know what it is for Medicare? A paltry 3 o 4 percent. Plus it would put a shot across he bow of the pharma bros. That alone makes his well worth it. I look at it his way, recall he pharma bro who hiked the price of HIV medication? Well where is he now. Plus reading he book Deadly Spin by Wendel Potter- that’s one I read in the past that I’ve written about my ire.

So go here and sign for Medicare for All.



More on the IP-650 cameras

So I’ve now found wind will impact them too. As i blows he leaves on trees around it changes the amount of light and that triggers motion detection. I suppose when I know the winds are gonna be high I could shut off motion detection but that defeats the camera purpose.

Now you know I nmap’d the cameras right and only saw two exposed ports. I had tried SSHing to it but no dice. Telnet is next.

I wish covid19 hadn’t happened

But due to our incompetent President and his equally incompetent Son-in-Law. Had each of them had any level of competence we wouldn’t have nearly 10,000 people dead, regular people unable to access regular healthcare so what we’ll see is more dead people in the near term future.

All of that lay at he hands of one Donald J. Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. People who have no business being in the executive office.

I was thinking about that earlier today. If they’d listened and paid attention what the team of outgoing executive branch people told them about a potential epidemic. If the President had put through the military act to let GM and Ford produce more ventilators, had a good supply of N95 masks been available.

And looking at the testing stats for the state of Georgia I see they’ve only managed to test roughly 28,000 people, out of 10 million people in the state. All of it through malfeasance of he President.