I wish covid19 hadn’t happened

But due to our incompetent President and his equally incompetent Son-in-Law. Had each of them had any level of competence we wouldn’t have nearly 10,000 people dead, regular people unable to access regular healthcare so what we’ll see is more dead people in the near term future.

All of that lay at he hands of one Donald J. Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. People who have no business being in the executive office.

I was thinking about that earlier today. If they’d listened and paid attention what the team of outgoing executive branch people told them about a potential epidemic. If the President had put through the military act to let GM and Ford produce more ventilators, had a good supply of N95 masks been available.

And looking at the testing stats for the state of Georgia I see they’ve only managed to test roughly 28,000 people, out of 10 million people in the state. All of it through malfeasance of he President.

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