Sign for Medicare for all

Because it’s time we end he foolishness that is private health coverage. Hell even the insurance industry itself knows the party is almost over. Put it this way the plan I have – it is an 80/20 plan. And caps after a certain amount of out of pocket expense. Haven’t yet reached that level yet. It’s ridiculous. You get bill after bill after bill even with insurance.

And when you consider the cost of doing business among private insurers is 20 to 25 percent. Know what it is for Medicare? A paltry 3 o 4 percent. Plus it would put a shot across he bow of the pharma bros. That alone makes his well worth it. I look at it his way, recall he pharma bro who hiked the price of HIV medication? Well where is he now. Plus reading he book Deadly Spin by Wendel Potter- that’s one I read in the past that I’ve written about my ire.

So go here and sign for Medicare for All.



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