Month: May 2020

Reading tire speed codes

So apparently my 2019 Chevy Trax LT has Continental tires on it. And I finally realized the tires sport the H speed code or 130MPH. Nice! Now the 90 on the tire that’s the load rating. In essence 90 translates to 1326 pounds per tire The vehicle itself only weighs about a ton and and a half.

Another fun podcast

So exploring podcasts on Spotify is interesting. I get more science like suggestions. The new one is Science Vs. I believe it comes out of Australia.

What the hell I guess it’s Sunday and I enjoy learning things. So there we are.

On Blood Types

So I got an Eldon blood test kit. I’ve always thought I was AB+ but nope. A negative.

Blood Test Card

That Anti-A indicates Rh Negative A type blood. Interesting, I had always thought I was AB but nope.

Gaming: Adventure Island

So I’m plowing through the game on my little 500 in 1 handheld platform. It’s intro screen is in Japanese Kanji it looks like. But the game play is fun as all hell. I’m up to about the third of I don’t know how many levels.


Overall for $14 this little game platform is way cool.

Forgotten Music

Damn – so I realized I have the Amazon Music player on my phone. And I have few hundred tracks in there.

But then I realized Azymuth, Jamiroquai, Grace Kelly, and even Cameo’s Jazzier stuff. Oh I’m loving this. All the music I bought on Amazon is now playing on my phone.


An underwear fascination

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but I love three kinds of underwear. First is my boxers but finding them in small size is a challenge. Then of Reebok bikini underwear for men – accentuates certain aspects of my anatomy. Then of course jock straps, have three already and ordered on with a lace up front in green.

Always want to be ready for a little sexual play I suppose.