How to change policing

I finally hit on it. I had once thought disarming police might do it but that theory has been proven incorrect. Instead let’s contact our elected representatives and senators and demand we remove funding from police departments. Only enough police for domestic violence, property crime, murder investigation and that’s pretty much all they need.

I’m most family with police where I used to live. At one point the department was 600 sworn officers. It’s down below 400 now. But it needs to be further reduced. And one other thing we could do is issue the Implicit Bias test to all police. You’d pretty much spot the white supremacists right out with that one. They’d be the first to go.

One thought on “How to change policing

  1. You are not the only one proposing this; I have not heard it until a day ago.
    I hope it has merit to it. I don’t know enough about it to know really.

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