I figured it out

As to why I’m not racist. It all goes back to when I was younger and doing a radio show. Met a few listeners and they were astounded that I was a white guy.

Then of course there was a local meat market near me up north. One day one of the guys behind the counter asked me why I came there. I explained good quality meats for reasonable prices. Huh. He asked me why I wasn’t bothered by the fact a lot of people of color shopped there. Why the hell would I be.

Maybe it’s because I know what makes skin different colors and it’s all got to do with resistance to UV light. Plus in my mind the spectrum of human coloration is beautiful. I’ve seen ones that take my breath away.

I guess I never thought to limit myself in my interactions with others of our species. We’re all human. And I guess too I took the lesson to heart never judge a book by the cover.

It’s like what happend the other day I met a neighbor. He was a black guy – but this guy knew the U.S. Constitution. Had I refused to talk to him I’d never have known that. This is the type of thing that irritates me about for example the Greenwood Masacre, or the cops killing unarmed black men with no remorse. It needs to be stopped – and if means getting rid of qualified immunity for police then so be it.

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