Month: August 2020

Once again using Sous Vide

A few months ago a co-worker had given me this. Brand new never used. He knew I was a foodie so thought of me.

Here you see it set to 145F for 3.5 hours. Doing some ribeye steaks in it right now.

The Gourmia simplifies sous vide. No connectivity whatsoever not even and FCC ID on it. Just set the temp, bag the food and go.

Of course I’ll have to try Creme Brule again. That was awesome. It was also how I learned a cold jar and a blowtorch aren’t meant to be near each other also know as thermal failure.

A good haul from a local church

Now I know I’ve made it known I don’t believe in any God including the monotheistic ones.

I received a notification on my phone that a local church was giving away food and backpacks and school supplies.

It was a good haul. I being the smart boy got there fifteen minutes early. By that point there were well over a few hundred plus car. All total it took about an hour to receive the following bounty.

  • A head of iceberg lettuce.
  • A head of cabbbage
  • Four white onions
  • Three yams
  • A five pound bag of Russet Potatoes.
  • Two oranges
  • Three lemons
  • Four red apples
  • A gallon of Whole Milk
  • Two pounds of brown rice
  • Two pounds of black beans
  • Five pounds of sausage

All in all not a bad haul. I supplemented that with five pounds of rice, a large jar of Mt. Olive Pickles, Pop Tarts, cereal, chicken and a few other things. And have to go pickup more at Kroger soon.

What surprised me was there was no proselytizing at all. In fact the only literature being passed out was about the 2020 Census and a voter information page provided by the local NAACP.

So overall a good food haul today.

Heavy Sigh time

So our net went down for a few days. No problem or so one would think. I could not remember the Wifi password and my stupid Chromebook forgot it.

I’d been using Wifi off my phone but that is sub par. But today I finally remembered the password. Only took a few days.

The Stupidity of some people

So recently we’ve been getting Amazon packages with our address but a different persons name on them.

Initially I did a bit of searching and found the person and her phone number. I told her when she could come and pickup up her stuff. Alas she never came here. She was a prior resident. Maybe I freaked her out by calling I don’t know.

Some of the items are well – lighting products, personal products like vibrating dildoes, a bluetooth keyboard, etc.

Since she’s made no effort to collect her goods I keep what we can use the rest goes in the dumpster. Because if she’s too stupid to know how to change her address on Amazon well. And any mail or packages delivered to you at your address – they are essentially gifts.

New York files to dissolve the NRA

Wow – a lot of criminal behavior in the NRA with fraud and other goodies. And the state of NY has filed a lawsuit to dissolve the NRA. Good.

We need to break the gun culture in this country. And this is a good first step. Look we don’t need guns in nearly every household. Believe me a house contains better weaponry than a gun. And there aren’t roving gangs of criminals anymore. Granted you do have an undercurrent of car thefts using a technique called sliding. But if you’re stupid enough not lock your car when you get gas you kind of deserve to get it stolen.