Month: September 2020

Watching the first 2020 Presidential Debate

I have to say it Trump is a clueless fucking moron and he’s also a buffoon. There I said it. Of course the fucking moron part I’m borrowing from Mr. Tillerson.

I don’t know how much longer I can watch this. The President is amply demonstrating why I call him the Petulant Man Child in Chief.

USSC Nominee Amy Coney Barrett – is wrong.

I’ll explain she’s part of People of Praise. If you’re not familiar this is a group that espouses wifely submission to their husbands. Yeah I know.

But the whole of the anti-choice anti-abortion groupthink isn’t in the Bible. The only ostensible justification is based on the good old Sin of Onan. It is in Genesis 38 – I’ll paraphrase. Good old Onan had to fuck his sister in law, except he pulled out before he shot his wad. Yeah I know, why a God would care is beyond me.

So know you now, the entirety of the anti-abortion, anti-contraception crowd – the same idiots that opposed HPV vaccines for kids. Based on this Amy Coney Barrett should not be an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Todays Trump Supporter Funny

Apparently there was a parade of boats in support of the President in Texas. And several of the boats sank. Comedy like this juan come on you can read about it here and if you don’t laugh well I feel bad for you.

If this is true there are folks who have no business being around a boat. Kind of gun nuts, I question how many of them know what the business end of the weapon is in real life.