USSC Nominee Amy Coney Barrett – is wrong.

I’ll explain she’s part of People of Praise. If you’re not familiar this is a group that espouses wifely submission to their husbands. Yeah I know.

But the whole of the anti-choice anti-abortion groupthink isn’t in the Bible. The only ostensible justification is based on the good old Sin of Onan. It is in Genesis 38 – I’ll paraphrase. Good old Onan had to fuck his sister in law, except he pulled out before he shot his wad. Yeah I know, why a God would care is beyond me.

So know you now, the entirety of the anti-abortion, anti-contraception crowd – the same idiots that opposed HPV vaccines for kids. Based on this Amy Coney Barrett should not be an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

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