Month: October 2020

Mailed our ballots today

So found my local post office and they had the drive up post box all setup. So I put our ballots in. Me being gimped up and the spouse being blind makes things so that voting the normal way just won’t do, it is much simpler to mark the ballots at home and just mail them out. In fact with COVID-19 it’s the best way we can vote.

Changes to Presidential Debates

Good playback of the Tuesday debate between the President and Joe Biden.

You can read it here.

Now of course cutting off the microphone is one option. But I was thinking of some other options.

  1. They could hire a big brute to clamp his hand over Trump’s mouth when he starts interrupting.
  2. Maybe a trap door underneath the President.
  3. A cone of silence could lower over Trump during his opponents time.

I mean there’s at least three options there that would be very entertaining to watch.