Congratulations to the new President Elect Joe Biden

Well well – the fat lady has finally sung. Trump is out, President elect Joe Biden his Vice President elect Kamala Harris clinched the electoral college.

The count is 290 Biden/Harris to 214 Trump./Pence currently – 20 past the 270 required. And it also means the following. There were 60 electors up for grabs. Previously the Biden team needed only 6 to get to 270. That would have left 54 for the current miscreant President. But no, 290 now. That means Biden/Harris got 26 subtract that from 60 and you get 34. If by some stretch Trump gets those it only brings him to 248. Na na na boo boo – you lost Trump, suck on that for a while.

Somehow I have the fantasy of seeing Trump lead out of the White House in handcuffs.

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