The fun this evening

And I’m being sarcastic when I say fun. I had just picked the spouse up and we’re coming down the wooden stairs at our place. Suddenly my right leg goes out from under me. Now I was holding onto the railing but I managed to jam both legs in between the rungs of the railing. I could get my left leg out but not the right.

We called 911 – firemen showed up lifted me out. Here’s to the DeKalb County Fire Department. It’s weird most firefighters here are white like me, lots of the cops are black.

And spouse tried to help me but being blind is a heavy load normally. So he called 911.

Now my right leg it was one of those situations where it got through th rungs but could not come out. The firefighters had to take a rung out to get my leg out.

Now the right leg going out it only happens when I overdo things. And I clearly overdid it today I had to go the mailbox up the hill. I think that did it.

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