We really are living in the future

Yeah some of the stuff in the video above isn’t true. But lots is. For the clearest example I will examine two things. One is an Amazon device the other a car.

That Amazon device plays media of course but also can be used to control lights in the home via inexpensive wall warts. For example saying “Alexa turn bedroom light on” and presto the light is on.

Then there’s the car – it’s definitely connected. For every month I get a diagnostic report from it which includes the state of the vehicle. Things like tire pressure, engine, transmission etc all in that report. That’s fucking amazing. The of course there’s the remote for the car – which in addition to locking and unlocking the doors can start the car from my front door. Nice in summer/winter so long as you remember to set the HVAC controls correctly.

Oh and navigation all through a mobile phone. I can remember when mobile phone only did voice and text. Now maps, audio, et al comes from that device.

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