On books

You could say I’m an avid reader. I was reading a book recently and it talked about a home library with hundreds of books. I once had 32 linear feet of books but it was a bit much to move around. I’ve since gone digital where my library is at my command online and there are hundreds of books there too.

And recently I was on medium.com and was reading and I noted my most popular categories. Let’s start:
1. Math – that one is obvious. I think I had posted my education both formal of my own volition covers 95% of the entire domain of mathematics.

2. Machine Learning – yeah I get into that one too. Can’t help myself.

3. Philosophy this one surprised me but I know why. I’m always interested in what makes us tick.

4. Basic Income – in these economic tough times government needs to do this.

5. Future – yes indeed I can prognosticate with the best of them.

6. Gaming – another one that isn’t a surprise. Love gaming.

7. Blockchain interested in how it works.

8. Politics if you are a long time reader you understand why.

9. Technology – yes indeed my life revolves around tecnhnology.

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