Tech: On printers

So I needed a printer. Found an HP 2700 series on Amazon for about $50. Finally set it up today. You get 15 pages of print for 99 cents. And ten more pages is a buck. This is what they charge you to print. Oh and they do at least give you two months of free ink.

This particular one has a scanner on it. That’s free of course. So what I plan to do is when I print what I need to I’ll buy another color LASER printer and use THAT to print, the HP to scan. Problem solved. Plus toner for laser printers while a bit more pricey lasts much longer than little 2.5ml or 5ml cartridges. And the quality is much better on a laser too 600dpi or greater.

Now back to the cost of printing 1.99 divided 25 pages come out to 8 cents a page. And you supply the paper. Let’s say I print 100 pages a month it’s $8 per month. Not terrible this subscription bullshit gets on my nerves.

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