Month: February 2021

Well I ordered it

In a previous post I mentioned the anal beads I’d ordered. l realized some of those beads are large so I’d need to prepare myself. So I ordered an inflating butt plug. That alone will do two things for me. First it will expand to rub my prostate and open my hole to accept the 1.5″ anal bead. Second it will be immensely pleasurable to me. I love being stuffed full.

Exploring my desires

So long ago I’d seen a video of a guy using anal beads. Well thanks to a former resident I got butt plugs, prostate stims etc. that I’ve employed to my great pleasure.

So I checked out the anal beads. Fun stuff. Ordered two one is a Serpent 6 Silicone bead set, and the beads are variable sized. They go large, small, and so on. That one might be fun. The other is similar except the large balls are a bit bigger. That might become my new favorite. Also got a 1lb. tub of Boy Butter. I tried out the 4oz. container and realized I need much more for playtime.

0ther items that interested me are an inflatable butt plug. It goes in narrow and expands to a ball. That sounds wonderful. And then there’s the inflatable dildo with solid core. It goes in at 13″ and expands to 15″. I love the feeling of being fully stuffed so this might be a future purchase.

Thoughts on the death of my MIL

Around the 5th of February we found out Keyron’s mom had died at home. So a few days later we flew down to North Carolina and we’ve been cleaning out the house getting everything packed up, food eaten etc.

Thoughts I had his younger brother won’t have a place to go to escape his wife anymore. And I’ll miss the philosophical discussions I had with my MIL.

And as is usual Keyron’s older brother was supposed to be here today. Well a little birdie told us he and his wife were in Las Vegas and having trouble getting a flight. It also emerged that they left for Vegas after they knew is Mama died. Now I recall arguments between Keyron and his older brother who constantly picked on Keyron. At one point his older brother uttered “That’s MY momma”. Yeah your momma that you cared so much about that you never helped her when she needed things. Meanwhile Keyron and I sent numerous things to his mother. So I’m trying to be the better person but it’s damnably difficult for me. For me to not make any snarky comments well it’ll be my tongue being bitten repeatedly.

In fact the older brother is on the phone right now with his younger brothers wife. I won’t say a damned thing. But I’ll tell you one thing – older brother is on my shit list now.

On Military Coups: Myanmar

So this is interesting to me, apparently the Deposed leader Suu Kyi has been charged with illegally importing walkie talkies. Yeah – radios.

The net is replete with walkie talkies otherwise know as hand held radios. And the basic radios now have some interesting features. For instance they don’t say which hand held radios the deposed leader imported. But cheap DMR radios and infrastructure is fairly inexpensive to set up.

And why would the military in Myanmar do this, are they that afraid of the deposed leader?