Exploring my desires

So long ago I’d seen a video of a guy using anal beads. Well thanks to a former resident I got butt plugs, prostate stims etc. that I’ve employed to my great pleasure.

So I checked out the anal beads. Fun stuff. Ordered two one is a Serpent 6 Silicone bead set, and the beads are variable sized. They go large, small, and so on. That one might be fun. The other is similar except the large balls are a bit bigger. That might become my new favorite. Also got a 1lb. tub of Boy Butter. I tried out the 4oz. container and realized I need much more for playtime.

0ther items that interested me are an inflatable butt plug. It goes in narrow and expands to a ball. That sounds wonderful. And then there’s the inflatable dildo with solid core. It goes in at 13″ and expands to 15″. I love the feeling of being fully stuffed so this might be a future purchase.

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