Medicine and 3D printing advances

Apparently the sharp crayons at University of Buffalo have figured out how to 3D print organs 10 to 50 times faster than current art. Just think of how this will change things. Say maybe tissue compatible organs printed in an hour with full vascular structure.

It’s funny I see 3D printers as the future replicators on Star Trek. Think bout it – once we figure out how to just manipulate matter we’ll have them. And were going full speed ahead in that quest. When I think about it I realize a lot of the tech in Star Trek is real now. From voice response to flat panel displays. Phones that are universal communicators now. Even computerized translators are starting to come to the fore.

But think about it, say you’ve got a cirrhotic liver – just print a new one from your own cells. No rejection is possible, Or your kidneys, pancreas, spleen the list is endless. Of course medicine will have to change too. Instead of treatment we are actually coming to a point where we can cure people.

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