Month: April 2021

Addendum on Waffles

In a previous post I mentioned doing alternatives to maple syrup on waffles. So this morning I put 1lb of frozen strawberries, about 4 tablespoons of monkfruit powder and 3 tablespoons of water into a pot even added a tablespoon of flour and a pinch of salt. Made a delicious topping for waffles that’s for damned sure.

I was going to do whipped cream on it but that would have been just gilding the lily

Breakfast this morning

I ordered an 8″ Belgian Waffle maker it’s an Oster unit.. It arrived yesterday. So this morning I used a recipe I found to make waffles with a side of sausage links. I like this one it has variable temperature control and it has detentes around the dial so you can just click into the temp you want.

Started by scrubbing it with soapy water and then using paper towels to clean the suds out. It is non-stick so the waffles came out just lifting it with a butter knife. I’ve got to get some diastatic malt powder – that crisps them up nicely.

At last: Marriage License obtained

This morning we had an appointment to get our marriage license. First we were directed to the Real Estate section but the found out they told us the wrong floor. We had to go to the basement level.

Now while we were in the Real Estate section we noted it was cash only. So someone was worried we’d have to leave the courthouse and come back once we’d found an ATM. I told him “We’re firmly into the 21st century – they have to be able to take a card payment.

Well we get to the line for the Marriage Licenses and Gun Permit section. Let’s just say we weren’t the only male-male couple in that line. And as we approached the window I saw that universal sight of a PIN Pad with car reader. Yup they took debit and credit cards.

So now I just have to find an officiant. But I’m still in the camp that says no religious ceremony. Oh no, just a nice secular ceremony.

I started thinking of my version of vows. Something like in the Beginning there was the Big Bang – and approximate 13.8 billion years passed until we were here. That’s the general gist, we are star stuff.

And I leave you with Etta James song “At Last”

Washer and dryer Purchase

So this started with Facebook Marketplace – contacted someone selling a washer and dryer. It was supposed to have been delivered on this past Thursday. All told used, $370 for the two. But it never came here.

So today I went on Home Depot’s site and ordered a brand new washer and dryer. It’s gonna be here on the 24th. Plus it’s waranteed for 3 years.

Musings on Music

Earlier today we were discussing Senator Joe Manchin. He is what I’d term a DINO or Democrat in Name Only. Then I came out with a line from a song by The Police. You likely know the one “Poets, priests and politicians have words to thank for their positions.”

So this prompted me into pulling the group up on Spotify. Goodies like “Wrapped Around Your FInger”, “De doo doo doo, de daa daa daa”, which is where the above quoted line came from.

Even conversing with someone else and I recalled that the song “Me Myself and I” was by De La Soul, but wasn’t aware Beyonce had remade the tune. That brought me to realize once again music gets recycled on approximately a 30 year cycle. I know. I know.

Then of course I was reading an article on Medium that made the point that if you didn’t know Earth Wind & Fire’s entire catalog. The article also mentioned the Isley Brothers. I responded saying I was more than passingly familiar with EWF’s catalog, and in addition Full Force and well the early pioneers of hip hop. Yeah I got to see Doug E. Fresh, Slick RIck, and the rest when I was younger. I’m not your typical white guy thats for sure.

Plus I also did a couple stabs at Radio – first at WDOM and then WALE. But I could see even then that the days of radio were numbered.

Easter Musings

As tomorrow is Easter Sunday (But what does that make today, Saturday? THe day before Easter?) Anyways Keyron and I were goofing around. And he came out with lets bake a bunny cake with it’s eyes closed and I added with X’s over them. Then he comes out with “The Easter Bunny died of COVID-19 and it’s Trumps fault.”

I lost and continued – the Lucky Charms Leprechaun died of the same. So too did Santa Claus. And it’s all the fault of the former President.

And yesterday was fun – getting transport for Keyron to get to a medical appointment was an exercise in futility. Why? Good Friday. When I think of how Christianity or more to the point Catholicism has impacted society I just shake my head. Sure holidays are good but the very name is a contraction of Holy Days. We need a new name for them though holiday is pretty generic these days.