Musings on Music

Earlier today we were discussing Senator Joe Manchin. He is what I’d term a DINO or Democrat in Name Only. Then I came out with a line from a song by The Police. You likely know the one “Poets, priests and politicians have words to thank for their positions.”

So this prompted me into pulling the group up on Spotify. Goodies like “Wrapped Around Your FInger”, “De doo doo doo, de daa daa daa”, which is where the above quoted line came from.

Even conversing with someone else and I recalled that the song “Me Myself and I” was by De La Soul, but wasn’t aware Beyonce had remade the tune. That brought me to realize once again music gets recycled on approximately a 30 year cycle. I know. I know.

Then of course I was reading an article on Medium that made the point that if you didn’t know Earth Wind & Fire’s entire catalog. The article also mentioned the Isley Brothers. I responded saying I was more than passingly familiar with EWF’s catalog, and in addition Full Force and well the early pioneers of hip hop. Yeah I got to see Doug E. Fresh, Slick RIck, and the rest when I was younger. I’m not your typical white guy thats for sure.

Plus I also did a couple stabs at Radio – first at WDOM and then WALE. But I could see even then that the days of radio were numbered.

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