At last: Marriage License obtained

This morning we had an appointment to get our marriage license. First we were directed to the Real Estate section but the found out they told us the wrong floor. We had to go to the basement level.

Now while we were in the Real Estate section we noted it was cash only. So someone was worried we’d have to leave the courthouse and come back once we’d found an ATM. I told him “We’re firmly into the 21st century – they have to be able to take a card payment.

Well we get to the line for the Marriage Licenses and Gun Permit section. Let’s just say we weren’t the only male-male couple in that line. And as we approached the window I saw that universal sight of a PIN Pad with car reader. Yup they took debit and credit cards.

So now I just have to find an officiant. But I’m still in the camp that says no religious ceremony. Oh no, just a nice secular ceremony.

I started thinking of my version of vows. Something like in the Beginning there was the Big Bang – and approximate 13.8 billion years passed until we were here. That’s the general gist, we are star stuff.

And I leave you with Etta James song “At Last”

2 thoughts on “At last: Marriage License obtained

  1. Please take my congratulations, and I wish you and your future husband all the best in the world.
    From a lurker and fan. Decided to say Hi after the great news.

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