Month: April 2021

Easter Musings

As tomorrow is Easter Sunday (But what does that make today, Saturday? THe day before Easter?) Anyways Keyron and I were goofing around. And he came out with lets bake a bunny cake with it’s eyes closed and I added with X’s over them. Then he comes out with “The Easter Bunny died of COVID-19 and it’s Trumps fault.”

I lost and continued – the Lucky Charms Leprechaun died of the same. So too did Santa Claus. And it’s all the fault of the former President.

And yesterday was fun – getting transport for Keyron to get to a medical appointment was an exercise in futility. Why? Good Friday. When I think of how Christianity or more to the point Catholicism has impacted society I just shake my head. Sure holidays are good but the very name is a contraction of Holy Days. We need a new name for them though holiday is pretty generic these days.