The Execution of Andrew Brown

I’d like to start off I’m very familiar with Elizabeth City, NC. My spouse is from there and I’ve visited there quite frequently. I’m very upset about this murder. Note that is what we should call it yet another murder by a police officer. And the Pasquotank Sheriff need to come down hard on the cops involved. And the judiciary also needs to convict those cops or murder. I’m very upset over this. The alleged warrant was a drug charge. I mean come on is murder ok if you’re serving a warrant for a drug charge? And the fact four shots went into Browns arm and one into the back of his head. To me that is an execution. Police should not be able to execute people.

What the fuck is it, the biggest terrorist organization in the United States is the police. Seriously. I’ve written here what we should do maybe federalize training standards and emphasize conflict resolution. Make it so a new officer is armed only with a baton and TASER for the first 18 to 24 months on the job. Make them use the most dangerous weapon were given as men – that is our mind to resolve issues. And I fully support a federal databases of rogue cops. Of course you also have to pass a law that when they hire police they need to check against said database.

And one thing that was mentioned in the podcast i was listening to this morning. It’s hard to prosecute cops because the cops work very closely with the prosecutors. I had mentioned in another post maybe have special prosecutors that rove – and prosecute only police violence.

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