Month: June 2021

Nonsensical policies at Walgreens Pharmacy

The fun of the last week is the tale of the day. Been trying to get them to ship a refrigerated product. But here’s the funny part I looked at the shipping label and documentation for the drug, the shipment et al.

DId you know Latanaprost has to be chilled. Ok I get that but it can survive up to 8 days as 40C to 60C. That’s that’s 104F to 140F.

But here’s what I learned about Walgreens – they might fill a prescription on a certain day and take a few days until you request it to ship. For example Hydrolizine was filled on the 21st and shipped on the 26th and received on the 26th.I think you see here I’m going with this and why Walgreens blanket policy on chilled drugs is capricious and idiotic. One day to ship at temps far below 104F. In fact it was 88 degrees yesterday.

It is nonsensical. Typical of Walgreens.

Amazon Kindle on the Web is down

And it in’t just Kindle but doesn’t work either. At first I contacted Amazon. I had mentioned to them the version of Chrome I’m using and I think the problem lay with Google Chrome. Because if it isn’t Amazon it has to be Google. And try contacting Google by phone It’s damned near impossible.

The cause of yesterdays power outage

Apparently Tropical Depression Claudia spawned some rather bad weather. So the area of the outage must have been larger than I initially thought. I guess if you dump enough water and wind it knocks power out. So my proposal to hit the power providers where it hurts has some merit.

In fact beyond the human caused outage of a few moths ago most of the outages are caused by weather events. Interesting.

Happy Juneteenth

As is my thing – Happy Juneteenth aka the celebration of the emancipation proclamation in Texas of all places.

And as of 10AM this morning the power failed here in casa Truthspew. It was out for six hours. Now without my normal distractions I start thinking. After numerous calls to Georgia Power and promises of 12PM, 2:15PM and 3:30PM it got me thinking. I believe how I’ve mentioned it before our power infrastructure is a product of the last century or two. We need more robust infrastructure. So knowing ho to get in touch with congressmen and senator I sent a proposal to Senator Raphael Warnock.

The proposal any power outage of up to 3 hours incurs a fine of $500 per customer affected. One thing I gleaned from my phone calls to Georgia Power was that it was an area wide outage. How many homes in the area i’d say 1000 or more. THat $500 btw is credited to their customers. In other words can’t be recorded as revenue incoming. More than 3 hours it rises to $1000. Then the incument power providers would take notice and finally upgrade infrastructure.

I told the Senator to add it as a rider to the infrastucture bill. Let’s see if he does.

The nice part about having an Amazon Fire Tablet

Is that I can read the books I buy and rent on it and can also watch Prime Video and listen to my Amazon Music library. I’ve heard some stuff from Azymuth, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, and much much more.

And earlier I watched the Man int he Orange Shirt – interesting story as I stated it starts just after WW II and ends in the 21st century. It’s definitely got some gay conext to it. THen I watched a documentary on Keith Haring – who btw I’m one degree of separation from through a now deceased friend. Come to think about it Haring is dead too.

I love being alive during the 21st century. And I’m endlessly fascinated by the fact the transistor started out as a large chunky device and is now at the scale of nanometers in size.It’s all about ultra-miniaturization.

Amazon services and google chrome

Apparently google changed something in the Chrome browser on my Chromebook. The change mans both and both complain I’m not using a supported browser.

So I guess my next phone call will go to Google. And find out what the hell they did. It’s irritating progress doesn’t necessarily mean a better product.

When even AARP gets it so wrong

Received this one from the AARP – Super Foods that those over 50 should eat. Let me clear whilst i agree with most of the list the lean meat and low fat thing bothers the hell out of me.

It goes back to when I worked at a Grocery scoring company. We quickly figured out if it had salt, fat or sugar the scores would plummet. But the thing is all things in moderation fat, and salt of course. Less than 30g of sugar per day.

But it irritates me the constant attacks on dietary fat – it’s been this way ever since the late 1960’s when the medical establishment thought fats were very bad. That has of course has been proven so wrong.

Dinner this evening

Asparagus Salad with Salmon. Now the salad:

Bunch of Asparagus bottoms trimmed off. And chopped into inch or two pieces. I put them in a steaming basket and steamed it for about five minutes.

Then I made the dressing – microplaned some garlic into olive oil, along with some red pepper flakes, salt and pepper. Then some lemon juice and some white wine vinegar. Along with a tablespoon of Dijon mustard, and some salt and pepper.

The salad itself, it has the asparagus, peas, sliced radishes, sliced cherry or grape tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese.

Also got some salmon and seasoned with salt and pepper – ten minutes is all it took in a little bit of olive oil.

I gotta say – this one is a keeper. And to think all because of Downton Abbey. It’s funny the time period it’s set in is roughly 100 years ago. Consider 100 years ago it was 1921 – radio had just started taking off.

PG (Proctor and Gamble) Ads on Spotify

So I keep hearing the Widen the Screen ads. It’s P&G or PG trying to pander it seems to me. But then I got curious I went and looked up PG brands.There are quite a few in this house. From oral care to laundry detergent yup, all PG products.

It gets worse though. I kind of have a thing for Bounty paper towels. And of course it’s also a PG brand.

When you go an research it there are just a few corporate entities that control everything. Take Mars for example – they are into everything.

But here’s something else – did you know there are only two canning companies in the U.S. ? Yeah I know – every canned food you buy came from one of those two plants.

It’s no wonder the food web is so fragile – there’s such consolidation of power.