PG (Proctor and Gamble) Ads on Spotify

So I keep hearing the Widen the Screen ads. It’s P&G or PG trying to pander it seems to me. But then I got curious I went and looked up PG brands.There are quite a few in this house. From oral care to laundry detergent yup, all PG products.

It gets worse though. I kind of have a thing for Bounty paper towels. And of course it’s also a PG brand.

When you go an research it there are just a few corporate entities that control everything. Take Mars for example – they are into everything.

But here’s something else – did you know there are only two canning companies in the U.S. ? Yeah I know – every canned food you buy came from one of those two plants.

It’s no wonder the food web is so fragile – there’s such consolidation of power.

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