The nice part about having an Amazon Fire Tablet

Is that I can read the books I buy and rent on it and can also watch Prime Video and listen to my Amazon Music library. I’ve heard some stuff from Azymuth, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, and much much more.

And earlier I watched the Man int he Orange Shirt – interesting story as I stated it starts just after WW II and ends in the 21st century. It’s definitely got some gay conext to it. THen I watched a documentary on Keith Haring – who btw I’m one degree of separation from through a now deceased friend. Come to think about it Haring is dead too.

I love being alive during the 21st century. And I’m endlessly fascinated by the fact the transistor started out as a large chunky device and is now at the scale of nanometers in size.It’s all about ultra-miniaturization.

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