Happy Juneteenth

As is my thing – Happy Juneteenth aka the celebration of the emancipation proclamation in Texas of all places.

And as of 10AM this morning the power failed here in casa Truthspew. It was out for six hours. Now without my normal distractions I start thinking. After numerous calls to Georgia Power and promises of 12PM, 2:15PM and 3:30PM it got me thinking. I believe how I’ve mentioned it before our power infrastructure is a product of the last century or two. We need more robust infrastructure. So knowing ho to get in touch with congressmen and senator I sent a proposal to Senator Raphael Warnock.

The proposal any power outage of up to 3 hours incurs a fine of $500 per customer affected. One thing I gleaned from my phone calls to Georgia Power was that it was an area wide outage. How many homes in the area i’d say 1000 or more. THat $500 btw is credited to their customers. In other words can’t be recorded as revenue incoming. More than 3 hours it rises to $1000. Then the incument power providers would take notice and finally upgrade infrastructure.

I told the Senator to add it as a rider to the infrastucture bill. Let’s see if he does.

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