Nonsensical policies at Walgreens Pharmacy

The fun of the last week is the tale of the day. Been trying to get them to ship a refrigerated product. But here’s the funny part I looked at the shipping label and documentation for the drug, the shipment et al.

DId you know Latanaprost has to be chilled. Ok I get that but it can survive up to 8 days as 40C to 60C. That’s that’s 104F to 140F.

But here’s what I learned about Walgreens – they might fill a prescription on a certain day and take a few days until you request it to ship. For example Hydrolizine was filled on the 21st and shipped on the 26th and received on the 26th.I think you see here I’m going with this and why Walgreens blanket policy on chilled drugs is capricious and idiotic. One day to ship at temps far below 104F. In fact it was 88 degrees yesterday.

It is nonsensical. Typical of Walgreens.

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