Astronomy: Reminiscing

Lets do an inventory of the stars, constellations and galactic things I’ve had the privilege to observe over time.

  1. The Big and Little dippers – when I lived in the northeast.
  2. The constellation Orion that one was clearly visible in the northeast with all the light pollution.
  3. The arc of the Milky Way Galaxy – that was when we were traveling in the mid Atlantic region.
  4. Mars – that one is unmistakable.
  5. Venus – another one you can’t miss
  6. Saturn and its rings through a telescope.
  7. Through that same telescope I’ve seen a few of the Messier objects.
  8. A bunch of the NGC stars too.

When i think about it I’ve seen many things that the average human has never even thought about. And done things that not everyone has. Like how many people can say they’ve stood inside a powered down fusion reactor? I have.

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