Month: August 2021

The wonders of mRNA

I have yet to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Being immobile means I’m house bound. I’m waiting for them to call and tell me when the mobile vaccination people will be here. Last call I got said they’d call me once they scheduled me. They’ve not called yet.

But someone and I are debating which vaccine I should get. You see I preferred the J&J but he said it’s efficacy was only 75%. I read earlier it’s more like 95%.

But the whole mRNA thing – they’re actually ready to test and HIV vaccine based upon that. Would I get it, you bet your sweet bippy I would.

We’re living in an age where we can now edit the human genome. So now wonder mRNA is the big thing now.

More music

So I’ve posted that i do like Jazz, Funk, R&B and the like. But then I also like stuff from The Clash, The Cure, Pyschedelic Furs, you know 80’s rock and progressive too.

I’ve often said my musical tastes are more eclectic and it’s true.

For example I have pandora playing and The Cure with Love Song is followed by The Temptations with Papa Was a Rolling Stone. Doesn’t get more eclectic than that.

On Deviled Eggs

So someone wanted Deviled Eggs – placing an online order from his vaunted Publix yielded Egg Salad instead. I have enough to do 6 deviled eggs. The recipe is simple.Boil the eggs, peel them under running water and then cut them in half and scoop out the yoke. Mix with some mayo, spices and a little white vinegar and et voila you have your deviled egg filler.

When grocery stores don’t get it right I can do it. Oh and last night I made a different stir fry. Of course through Publix I couldn’t order alcoholic beverage due to their web sit being stupid. But it was simple – beef strips, cauliflower florets, garlic, red pepper flakes. Then halved grape tomatoes

The beef is dredged in corn starch, soy sauce and the wine. And as could be I didn’t have wine. but used chicken stock instead. Fried the beef up in some oil, then in goes the garlic and red pepper flakes followed by the cauliflower and green onion. Add the cooked beef and wow. Didn’t need rice for this baby.

Got the recipe from the book Stir Fy to the Sky – I didn’t use a Wok but a cast iron pan instead.

The pitfalls of grocery delivery

Let me count the ways!

Someone wanted something from Publix. Ok deviled eggs if you so wish to know. Instead we got and I jest not egg salad. Ut si.

And then there’s the thing with buying alcoholic things from Publix. It would not let me select my address until some time I deleted the Sake from my order. I’ve had no issues with Kroger in that respect.

Broken Chromebook hinges

So here’s the story. Someone stepped on the screen of their Chromebook and shattered the screen. No my Chromebook the hinges came loose because of a broken shell on the LCD. But the LCD screen works so I opened the SO’s laptop and extracted the broken screen . Took the working screen out of mine and transplanted it into his old Chromebook.

In doing so I discovered something. The hinges on his old Chromebook were screwed in, the hinges on mine weren’t. But now I have a working Chromebook again. Also found out there’s no SSD In this version of Chromebook instead it is flash RAM. Suppose I could get a hot air gun and take them out and re-install them on the board of the spouses old Chromebook.

A primer on HTML error codes

So this morning around 3:30AM I get told Netflix isn’t working. Now here’s a little primer when web sites don’t work it’s either a user issue or a server issue. These occupy codes 400 and 500 respectively. Now I suspect Netflix was doing some maintenance or someone pushed a change that borked the server. Kept getting a 503 code – and the thing is if it were planned maintenance and email should have gone out, and you could redirect the page to a copy of the maintenance notice.

So I’m going with someone pushed a change that screwed it up. Nice huh?