Month: November 2021

When even Google Screws up

Recently I’ve noted that Amazon, Huly et al no longer wor on our Chromebooks. Traced it don to a little component called WideVine CDN. It doesn’t exist on these chromebooks.

Further digging has exposed the Google in fact owns WideVine. It’s like the one hand of google doesn’t know what the right is hand is doing.

And visiting google support page is stupid. Yet they’ve convinced every content provider to start using their program. This is going to force me to a by yet another PC. That isn’t the direction Iwanted to go in. And I also note that even Google docs complains that my browser is outdated. Of course it is it’s two revisions back.

Book Burning does it never end?

Reading an article on MSNBC about efforts to ban and burn books in Kansas, Florida et al. They’re mostly LGBTQ books that are being banned and nder threat of being burned.

It’s ludicrous. Don’t the bigots realize they’re drawing attention to the books?And it’s always one bigot usually female who without even reading the book wants it banned. The phrase all up in the koolaid and don’t know the flavor applies.

It’s sort of like the Million Moms groups where they’re approximatley 999,999 short of that million. In essense the most vocal bigots usually rule the roost. This has been the case with all the attempts to censor so called offensive materials in the movies, television and even on the net. These big mouths won’t stop.

We need to cultivate our ow loud moths to drown out the bigots.

Thoughts on Google Nest

Today yi

Today I was explaining how the Nest thermostat worked to someone.

I noted that the thermostat uses motion to determine whether we’re home or not. If it doesn’t detect motion in a certain time period it goes to eco mode.

Then i explained where the thermostat is located. Ours is by the front door. Then started thinking about places where we’d lived and the thermostat locations. Now this place was built in 1973. Other place between1900 and 1930. Those latter were well inside the house. So there was pretty much constant movement. The former where we are now not so much.

Which means it impacts the performance of the Nest product. Interesting.